Dalton Alexander

#whitenoise - A Neologism

photo by Big Pants Productions

photo by Big Pants Productions



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"The term white noise, the 'sh' noise produced by a signal containing all audible frequencies of vibration, is sometimes used as slang (or a neologism) to describe a meaningless commotion or chatter that masks or obliterates underlying information."

source: wikipedia

I have just returned to the US. I am angry and frustrated.

I feel helpless and hopeless.

And I feel my future is being stripped away from me.

What becomes of a patriotism that is stomped on? Of a pride that once felt exciting and now feels disgusting? #whitenoise - A Neologism explores the underpinnings of the effect our current political system has on our human bodies. It smashes notions of nostalgia with possible realities - focussing on the fleeting nature of media that can leave us feeling helpless. From hyper-performativity to recounting past coping mechanisms to pop songs on cassettes, #whitenoise - A Neologism comments and questions our current affairs and where we go next. 


Currently Available for Touring

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Maker/Performer: Dalton Alexander

Dramaturg/Producer: María Sanchez Alonso


Footloose Presents: YES to Everything

Presented as a work-in-process

SAFEhouse Arts, 1 Grove Street at Market, SF 94102

  • Friday, September 22 - 8pm (double bill with Nikolas Strubbe)

  • Friday, October 6 - 8pm (double bill with Eric Rubin)

Dramaturg: Maria Sanchez Alonso Filmed by Big Pants Productions See the full length here: https://youtu.be/qTqo9-35Gmc