Dalton Alexander
her body pitched her into movement
— Mary Starks Whitehouse

25 yr-old male contemporary dancer, mover, researcher

from Albuquerque, NM, USA


Movement. The impetuses fluctuating between internal and external environments. From this stems my improvisation - a useful tool for the creation process. And to explore more, I pull knowledge of form and function from technique classes - contemporary, ballet, modern, and gaga to name a few.

The physical form interests me most. What is it? What can it do? It can certainly take impulses from the outside and the inside. So how are those manifested?

Access your deep emotions that are imprinted in your musculature. See what comes of it.




Professional Experience


Notable Workshops




varied movement vocabulary attended to with deep awareness

currently researching Authentic Movement and Integrative Performance Practice

experience and interest in voice/text

strong believer in embodying oneself to know best how to contribute to process

passion and love for humanly significant movement that resonates

experience testing dance's boundaries with theatrics