LOVE Trumps/Outshines/Supersedes HATE

Stayed up for the results, but couldn't bare to witness before it finished.

Went to sleep with hope.

Woke up hearing someone outside my window saying "Are you f***ing kidding me?" And then stayed in bed for another hour...

I feel overwhelmed. 


For those who know me well, either personally or via Facebook, you are aware that I can be quite "loud" regarding issues within this massive election that just unfolded in front of us. If you dug even deeper, you know that I supported and voted for Jill Stein based on principle and policy. I do not support the notion of "lesser evils". I do not support identity politics - i.e. if you are a woman, you should vote for a woman. I do not support Hillary due to her political history, wavering band-wagon support, and association with the establishment. However evil she may or may not be (of which I believe a degree exists due to my very limited knowledge), I do trust that she knows how the US works and that she could work with our congress to finally pass meaningful, progressive laws. She is nowhere near as idiotic as the man who's policy is "we'll have a good policy" and who wants to "Unleash America’s $50 trillion in untapped shale, oil, and natural gas reserves, plus hundreds of years in clean coal reserves" (source) that will blow our Paris Climate Agreement temperatures way past 2 degrees C and kill us all. I also do not support the hate he instills in other people.

It is NOT OK to hate for any reason. It is not ok to feel better than someone based on your race, class, or any feelings of entitlement. I do not understand where people come off thinking less tolerance will make this world better. 

Now, let me try to understand. Clearly, half of the American electorate is dissatisfied with something. Clearly, they feel they need something. And they think Trump can provide this. He represents the anti-establishment, and on a deeper level, the id and ego of many people. But I question how this id is formed.

Rural. Jobless, Crumbling infrastructure. Misrepresentation. Feeling threatened by other's way of life. Lack of education. A need for a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves.

These are understandable. I have experienced all of these.

While my background (like many, many Americans) is extremely multicultural - Spanish, Irish, Native American, New Mexican, English, Dutch, and many more; I have pale skin and am a cis-gendered male. But that's about the only "luxury" I may have in this unfortunately superficial world fueled by capitalism.

I am homosexual and a dancer, which immediately puts me into a minority. "I'm so glad you are following your dream" people often say to me. One, how do you know it's my dream? I started when I was 18 whereas I see dreams growing out of childhood. Two, that statement, right there, diminishes the very art of what I do. I am not pursuing a dream. I am choosing to live a more connected, aware, and embodied lifestyle - already a revolt against the 8-hr/day desk job. I am listening to my interests, impulses, and trying to figure out what the hell is up with the human condition.

This pursuit, nonetheless, has made me understand what it means to be poor and feel like no one cares for you. In 2014 I jumped the US-medical-school ship to start anew in Berlin as a dancer. I experienced dark days of depression, not wanting to get out of bed, not wanting to see the few friends I had, and not wanting to even talk to my flat-mate. I went weeks on only €5, going to the cheapest market and getting the largest loaf of bread for the cheapest price - full of bleach, sugar, and nothing of nourishing substance - just so my stomach wouldn't bother me day to day.

I imagine this type of struggle may be related to what many Trump supporters think they, themselves are going through - that they have been stripped of their rights to live prosperously. Yes! Be angry about that. Yes! Stand up to that. Fuck, protest! But, whatever you do, damnit, do not gather behind a man with quick quips and false promises. Do not protest by exclusion, rather through inclusion.

This is what Bernie represented. This is what Jill represents. Tolerance. Community. Working together.

Yes, you are right. It is a bit late for this rant. But I now have a point, an even stronger impetus. I will no longer simply be "loud" on Facebook. It is time to take my views to the streets - starting with my home. Starting with LOVE.


Today, I find it most difficult to love the world. I see Trump, Brexit, neo-nazis, bombs, fear mongering, and legitimate fear. I'm tired of feeling helpless. It's time to fight. It's time to react. Today, I make my next step to be more active and spread the love - through dance, through activism, through writing, reading, educating, and becoming more educated, through speaking one on one to others, through more streamlined communication.

I have no clue what will come of the next four years, but I plan to live every day fighting for what I believe can make this world a more loving, accepting, tolerant, and helpful community.

In solidarity,

Dalton Alexander