Dalton Alexander


photo by Big Pants Productions

photo by Big Pants Productions



"The term white noise, the 'sh' noise produced by a signal containing all audible frequencies of vibration, is sometimes used as slang (or a neologism) to describe a meaningless commotion or chatter that masks or obliterates underlying information."

source: wikipedia

I returned to the US in 2017 angry and frustrated. I felt helpless and hopeless. And I felt overwhelmed by the media surrounding politics and North Korea..

What becomes of a patriotism that is stomped on? Of a projected pride that feels disgusting?

Whitenoise strives to collide nostalgia for the past with current American affairs. It is a form of protest against social media, its false sense of importance to the individual, but sweeping affect on the collective body politic. It looks to the future that doesn’t look too bright.


Maker/Performer: Dalton Alexander

Dramaturg: María Sanchez Alonso

August 9 - 25

Studio 210, 3435 Cesar Chavez St, SF, CA

$8 - $15. No tickets sold at the door.



Footloose Presents: YES to Everything

Presented as #whitenoise - A Neologism (work-in-process)

SAFEhouse Arts, 1 Grove Street at Market, SF 94102

  • Friday, September 22 - 8pm (double bill with Nikolas Strubbe)

  • Friday, October 6 - 8pm (double bill with Eric Rubin)