How do personality and authenticity relate? 

I began to focus on finding my personality as a dancer back in Berlin in Fall 2014. This question continued to surface whilst in a workshop called Emotional Spaces with Joris Camelin and Matthieu Burner. What I didn't realize was that I was too focused on my personality that I placed it as an object next to me and not a subject within me.

Experience Bryon (2014) says in his book, Integrative Performance Practice:  The notion of self considered as a “mind/body, struggling to reconcile inherent psychophysical questions of the human condition in order to access, become, or portray a heightened or more 'natural' and 'authentic' being ready for expression in performance” puts that self as an object positioned next to or outside its very practice (p. 23).

Bryon is emphasizing the necessity for full intention towards specific doings rather than an intention towards results that may come out of those doings (in this case, the acquisition of a more authentic self which exudes personality on stage).

Vera Stierli asked in a lecture demonstration: how do you compare authenticity and personality? I believe personality arises from authenticity which in turn arises from a fully embodied, genuine self. When you are truly doing the doing that is the root of your work, your personality will show without you forcing personality. Force leads to superficiality.