Space | Norway

Transitions Dance Company. Triple Bill with works by Theo Clinkard, Dog Kennel Hill Project, and Ederson Rodrigues Xavier.

Hamar Kulturhus. A contemporary center just off a lake nestled in the hills of central Norway. A beautiful and fruitful place to dance. 


The facilities were impeccable and we received such a warm welcome. The audience was receptive, engaged, and with us the whole way through. The space called for it and we gave it our best.

Rehearsals brought out a bit of a settled tiredness in the Company. Going into tech, three of us had colds and were running on reserves. I feared we wouldn't be able to fill the massive space that was the theater.

But when those curtains opened, we pulled it together to present, quite possibly, the best performance to date.


Why is this? Even with not the best of circumstances amongst company members' health, how is it that we connected, engaged, projected, explored, and flowed so well?

I would like to propose the Space as the main motivator. Being where we were in a theater that sits 400+ people, we had no choice but to expand our energy out and invite the audience in. It so important to have a proper space for the work you're presenting. For Transitions, the bigger the better. Everything from the floor, to the crossover, to the curtains, green room, coffee, and aesthetics play a part. I will mention, Hamar Kultuhus is indeed a luxury that is not necessarily required. But to have that space! Wow, it was so inspiring and inviting. A space that really welcomes whatever you have to offer.

This leads me to my final point. Find the space that works best for the work you want to present. If you are limited, try to adapt. While we would like to be able to do anything anywhere, floor work on a forest ground, for example, may not be the smartest idea.

Thank you Transitions, David, and Hamar for a great environment to research, present, share, and move.

Beautiful work.