On Being and Doing

Image: Be

Task: Do

I've had a revelation whilst preparing a lecture demonstration on Images vs Tasks: Interrogating the authenticity behind the impetuses for material in TDC creative processes.

"To Be" could mean that we are trying to be an image - an external superficial object like a stone, orange, monkey, etc. This also can be said for self. If you be yourself, you are being the self that you picture/imagine. This puts the self as an object that can be imagined and then presented.

"To Do" is to simply do a task without imagining the end look. It allows for the true self of "being" to emerge as the task is being done.

Disclaimer: An inner witness could see this emergence and identify with it as self. However, we must not hold on to that version of self for that was only what emerged from that specific task at that specific time and in that specific space. We must stay open for more of our self (our new ever-changing self) to continually emerge.


With auditions coming up, I will only try to Do and not Be anything. Trust the being to emerge. Don't force it.